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disclaimer! Please read carefully!

All company names, graphics, content, etc. belong to their respective owners. I only created or put together content. I only offer services. I do not have rights to sell anything on my site unless it specifically states for sale. After receiving payment for services and delivery of content clients will retain full ownership and responsibility of content. All sales are final! No refunds or discounts unless I personally feel obligated to do so. Asking for such will NEVER result in a discount or refund.

I do not discriminate against race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or anything else.

I will not accept any work promoting, selling, or offering anything illegal for any reason! I will not do student projects for any school, college, or university. If I happen to find out any content I am working on is used for illegal puposes, any kind of scam, or any kind of student work to be turned in for a grade; I will immediately halt all progress indefinately and no refund will be given.

All clients will retain rights to their content. Delivery of content will be made post payment. I will never sell any names, content, or personal information. I will not claim graphic work as my own if created by another vendor, only the creation of content graphics are being used for. Anything I create after receiving payment will be used by me for portfolio purposes only!

No one under for any reason has my permission to use any of my work for their personal use. It is a bit blurred for a reason. Finding my work on other peoples websites that I have not personally joined or uploaded. I will ask that it be taken down, if it doesn't get taken down I will then take legal matters.

The terms of this disclaimer are subject to be changed at any time, for any reason, at my discretion. Clients must accept this before any project is started. All clients will be notified about changes in the disclaimer. I thank you for selecting me for your needs. Please refer me to your friends and business affiliates.

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