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Press BadgesWashington Irving Middle School press badges10/7/14

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The Washington Irving Middle School now has new press badges to wear while doing any kind of work on their school paper. Check them out here.

PHPThinking of using php in web designs.9/27/14

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Hello everyone. I have started looking into php syntax in hopes it will help clients. I already do use php in my websites however I have decided it could be a good idea to dig a bit deeper in order to get further use of this language.

ArticlesTopics in web design.9/20/14

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I have added an articles page. I will write articles on topics pertaining to web and graphic design as I see fit, or as situations come along. I hope you will enjoy reading them and they may be helpful to many.

News PageSee whats going on.9/15/14

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Look here to find out whats going on at

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